Scion iA


The all new Scion iA is changing how automakers think about entry level sedans. The iA is an affordable car that is also stylish. Smooth curves and LED daytime running lights give it a fierce looking exterior. Inside the 85.9 cubic foot interior you and up to four passengers are surrounded by top of the line standard features including Bluetooth, push button start, backup camera, a beautiful 7-inch touch screen display, and 6 speaker audio system.

It doesn’t stop there. Under the hood is a high tech engine that boasts 106 HP at 6,000 RPM yet still offers efficient fuel economy – it sips while it zips. The iA comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission that is compact, lightweight, and super low on friction with a short stroke – making it one of the sweetest-shifting manual transmissions around.

For those who prefer an automatic transmission, the available 6-speed automatic will be intriguing. Engineered for lightweight, low friction, and a direct-shift feel, the automatic has a bit of a dual personality. It takes off from a standing start with the smoothness only a torque converter automatic can deliver, yet very quickly afterward locks the converter for quicker, more direct shifts and higher fuel economy. For drivers seeking greater torque feel, a Sport Mode feature is available with the flip of a switch.

Not only is the Scion iA packed with premium features, it is also ultra-safe. When it comes to visibility, the Scion iA has 20/20 vision. Blind spots are minimized and other safety features are maximized. The iA has an airbag system that will help keep you safe in the event of an accident, furthermore iA has next generation accident avoidance technology. It sports a low-speed pre-collision system that is designed to apply braking power if it determines that a frontal collision is imminent under certain low speed conditions.

The 2016 Scion iA delivers affordable luxury; the kind of luxury everyone wants but few get. Until now.

Scion iM

If the badge on the all-new Scion iM stood for “instant message,” the message to buyers would be that they can now get a fun-to-drive, high-style, high-content, high-MPG rated hatchback for a whole lot less than they’d expect. Scion’s all new sophisticated iM is here to handle any journey thrown its way.The Scion iM is built for the traveler and its price is set to allow you to travel more. On the inside the Scion iM provides tailored comfort to all of its passengers through standard bolstered front sport seats, dual zone climate control, and the 6-speaker Pioneer sound system that will play music from all your devices, wired or wirelessly. The Scion iM feels at home off the beaten path, and its tachometer will tell you if the iM is getting beyond its limits. The large interior can handle your adventures even if they include other people and their gear. When you need to get to the mountain, go on a camping trip, or to a festival, the Scion iM will take you there, and then back to work on Monday without a hitch.

For those looking for a classic driving experience, the Scion iM comes equipped with a 6-speed stick shift, complete with hill start assist. So whether you’re a seasoned manual driver or a first timer, you don't have to worry about rolling backwards when starting on an incline. The optional automatic comes equipped with the advanced CVTi-S 7-step shifting systema Continuously Variable Intelligent Transmission that is sport tunedso iM will perform when you need it to. Switch to sport mode and the CVTi-S alters shift points, and steering performance to give you a livelier driving experience. Going down a steep hill? Take control and downshift from the center console. Scion iM can handle all the twists and turns you throw at it. Whether its through the woods or through a snow storm, the 2016 Scion iM will add comfort to your travels without breaking your bank account.