Front to the Back Commercial

With our service department moved into it’s new location, we now have the space to revamp our Heritage Toyota Scion sales floor! This Sunday, we’ll be taking the current Toyota sales floor and moving it to the back of the building where our service department was previously. This is only a temporary move until we renovate and improve the front of the building, then we’ll be right back where we’ve always been!

We had our new representative, Hank the Huppet, explain to our sales team what’s going on…



H-Team Goes Green With The New Heritage Toyota Service Department

Heritage Toyota Service & Parts

Our new Heritage Toyota Parts and Service building has been open and operating for over a month, and we couldn’t be happier with how the facility is running. We recently had a customer express her concern that our new building, as nice and accommodating as it is, is wasting heat, is uncomfortable temperature-wise for lane employees, and is overall increasing our carbon footprint.

We very much appreciate her feedback and welcome the opportunity to share exactly what we have done to make our new Heritage Toyota Parts and Service building as efficient and “green” as possible.

Heritage HeatingHeating: This is one of the most exciting aspects to our new building – it is entirely heated by reclaimed waste oil! The oil is stored in the back of the service department and heats the building through a radiant heating system. Also, in our service drive, each H-Team member has a dedicated heating radiator so the employee can control his or her own area’s temperature.

Service Drive Doors: Heating the service drive is always a challenge because of the large doors constantly opening and closing allowing for customers to check in their vehicles. Our new service drive’s doors can open and close within a few seconds, limiting the amount of wasted heat.

Service Desk Insulation: The new building retains twice as much energy in the walls as our previous building (R-25 for current, R-13 for old), and over three times as much in the roofing (R-45 in current building). The roof was also given a special coating that reflects heat away in the summer while retaining the cooler air inside, lowering cooling costs.

Lighting: The building is covered with large double-paned windows, allowing for large amounts of natural light to fill the space while still insulating the building. All light bulbs throughout the building are high-efficiency LEDs set to time and motion sensors top further reduce waste.

Water: All water systems throughout the shop and bathrooms are run on timed sensors, minimizing waste.

These are just a few stand-out ways in which Heritage Toyota Scion is becoming more environmentally conscious and more green.