A Salesperson Gives Back – Heritage Toyota Scion

Heritage Toyota

Nearly 20 years ago, salesperson Megan Terry adopted her very first pit-bull from the Humane Society of Chittenden County and she has been passionate about rescuing and assisting rescue organizations that place needy animals in loving and safe homes ever since.

Over the years Megan has supported the HSCC through donations and support at their fundraisers, and is also involved with a NYC organization that rescues dogs in the worst possible situations and places them in loving, safe homes in Vermont.

Heritage Toyota

“I have always been passionate about being the voice for the animals since they can’t ask for help!”

To continue helping animals in need and using her Heritage Toyota sales, Megan plans on donating a percentage of her earnings each month to the HSCC with the ultimate goal of donating a portion of each sale to the HSCC. “It is important to give back, and knowing that I can contribute to animal welfare makes me feel fulfilled.”

Her first donation to the HSCC as a Heritage Toyota salesperson was sponsoring the adoption fee for Loki, a pit-bull who had been at the shelter for a few months. “I was thrilled to help him! I loved his goofy smile and bubbly personality!!! I am very proud to say that I just learned the other day that a couple came to the HSCC and totally fell in love with him and he has been adopted and is thriving in his new home.”

We’re thrilled to have Megan on the Heritage Toyota Scion H-Team, and thank her for her wonderful work!