A Salesperson’s First Day – Heritage Toyota

Upon joining the Heritage Toyota Scion H-Team in April 2013, sales representative, Tonja Little, composed an introduction to send out to her friends and family informing them of her new position in automotive sales. We would like to share some of Tonja’s introduction… 

Toyota is smarter, better, and fits just right.

TonjaDear Friends,

Today is my first day on the sales floor at Heritage Toyota.

I awoke like I had the past few days: muttering sales pitches and asking questions from imaginary customers. I am very excited to be here—it is a complete change of direction for me. With a full week of training under my belt, I am nervous but ready to speak with customers about a brand that could practically sell itself.

– The Toyota Camry has been America’s #1 car for 7 years.
– The Toyota Corolla is the #1 car worldwide.

While I was never a fan of the Rav4, (to me, the past models seemed like an awkward adolescent of the Toyota 4Runner) the new model breaks free of previous entanglements, like the spare tire mounted on the back, and has a new sleek and sporty design.

I am just learning about the magic of the Prius-it is a fairy tale car. There are 3 different Prius models that make up the “Prius Family,” and all are hybrid-using a combination of electric and gas to attain great MPGs (The Prius gets an estimated 50MPG)

I am half-way through my first day and have completed a few test drives. The test drive this morning sold me on the Toyota Camry Sport. Plain and simple: it is an elegant functional car—nearly perfect.

My wish for everyone is the perfect fitting vehicle.

Tonja Little
Sales Representative
Heritage Toyota Scion