Why Toyota Certified Used Is Peace Of Mind

  Toyota Certified Used     Toyota vehicles are known for their legendary dependability. Toyota certified used vehicles (TCUV) only bolster this level of dependability. This dependability is what makes it no surprise that Toyota used vehicles spend very little time in our inventory. One metric that puts the dependability of Toyota cars nicely into perspective are the number of used Corolla’s made in the last twenty years that are still driving today. 80% of them are still on the road, thats right 80% of the Corolla’s that Toyota made since 1995 are still on the road two decades later! This train of logic would lead one to believe that a 2014 Corolla has a high chance of being on the road until 2034, something which only time will tell.

      A driving force of Toyota used vehicles is their powerful certification process. The Toyota Certified Used Vehicle program is designed to ensure that only the best of the best are certified. If Toyota can ensure that the car is a quality vehicle then they can offer you better financing options making it possible for you to get into the car you really want without breaking your bank account. All vehicle candidates are between this model year, and six model years old, or have under 85,000 miles on the odometer. Before it can be certified each vehicle is given an intensive 160-point inspection and its CARFAX report is inspected to ensure the car is worthy of being a TCUV. Buying a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle means buying a car with the peace of mind that it will work for many years to come.

Interested in buying a TCUV? We’re here to make that process easy for you, with an extensive inventory of used vehicles we have many options for you to choose from. Whether you need to get to tow/haul, get to the mountain, to work, to the beach, or zoom to your favorite sunset location we have a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle for you!