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Heritage Toyota helps you get the best deal possible on your trade-in

What hurts my car’s resale value?

Dealerships like Heritage Toyota do their level best to make sure that customers have the best possible ownership experience with any car, truck or SUV that rolls off of their lot. But there is one fact of automotive life that is inescapable – depreciation. The simple fact of the matter is that your vehicle will never be worth as much as it is the day you sign the paperwork. However, there is more than a little hope on the horizon. If you’ve been wondering about what is hurting your car’s resale value, Heritage Toyota is here to help. We promise we’ll give you the best deal possible for your trade-in. Here are a few things you can do to help your cause before you walk through the showroom door. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Headlights help you see and be seen by other cars on the road

When do I have to have my headlights turned on in Vermont?

Anyone familiar with the Heritage Toyota Blog may have noticed we offer a lot of tips about safer driving practices as a part of a larger Heritage Toyota safety campaign. Many of these tips and pieces of information are meant to serve as a reminder to all of us on the road. Over time all of develop bad habits and need to be reminded how to be safer behind the wheel. There is no doubt that you’ve noticed that the sun starts to set very early this time of year. It has occurred to us that this would be a good time to remind people about when they need to have their headlights turned on in Vermont as well as some other driving etiquette tips that may be useful. Read the rest of this entry >>

If a new Toyota truck is on your wishlist, you won’t have to wait long

Release date for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma

As we all finish the final preparations for whatever we’ll be doing for Thanksgiving, many of the sales team members at Heritage Toyota are thankful that the newest model of the Toyota Tacoma is about ready to arrive. Once the release date for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma finally arrives, current and future Heritage Toyota customers are really in for a new era of midsize pickup truck capability. For the new model year, the 2018 Tacoma joins the rest of the new model class and makes the manufacturer’s suite of active safety systems standard across the entire lineup. Read the rest of this entry >>

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You can help make someone’s holiday just a little bit easier this year

Canned food drive in South Burlington, VT

With November in full swing, it’s pretty natural for people to start thinking about how great our Thanksgiving dinners are going to be with our families. The dark side of that thought is that there are many people out there who may not be able to put food on the table this year. There is no other way to look at this issue, helping hungry people get something to eat is simply the right thing to do and Heritage Toyota always strives to do the right thing. We have already started a canned food drive in South Burlington, VT with our colleagues over at Heritage Ford to help stock the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. Our efforts started on Nov. 1 and will run until the close of business on Nov. 17. Read the rest of this entry >>