2020 Toyota Tundra parked outside on the beach

What’s the Horsepower of the 2020 Toyota Tundra?

Performance Features of the 2020 Toyota Tundra

When it comes to performance in an exceptional package the 2020 Toyota Tundra is a truck that doesn’t disappoint. It brings a ton to the table in terms of capability, offering a great towing capacity as well as excellent horsepower. How does it deliver this great power? We’ll show you! Continue reading below to see some of the features of this excellent model.
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2020 Toyota 4Runner driving in water

How to Connect Apple CarPlay to the Entune 3.0 System?

What is Apple CarPlay and How to Connect it

Apple CarPlay is a very popular system among car lovers, infotainment, entertainment, and connectivity system that brings a ton to the table for you to enjoy! However, connecting this system can be difficult if you don’t know-how. Thankfully, our dealership and Toyota have come together to help explain just how to bring this amazing feature to your vehicle. Continue reading in order to learn more!
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What are the Safety Features of the 2020 Toyota Highlander?

2020 Toyota Highlander Safety Technologies

If you’re looking for a vehicle that allows you to do more during family time and do so with confidence, look no further than the 2020 Toyota Highlander! This great vehicle offers a ton of safety features, ranging from active to passive safety and providing you security no matter where your drive goes. What are some of these safety features? Continue in order to find out!
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Tent outside in winter near mountain

3 Great Winter Activities in the South Burlington VT Area!

3 End-of-Winter Activities in South Burlington VT

Winter is coming to an end and as such it might seem like there’s nothing to do with the snow melting and ice thawing, but there definitely still is! There are a ton of great winter activities that are still possible, even in post-winter, pre-spring, weather, especially in the South Burlington, VT area. Continue reading to learn more about these winter activities and what you can do!
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