3 Great Benefits to Buying a Used Vehicle

Benefits of Buying Used in South Burlington VT

If you’re shopping for a vehicle in the South Burlington VT area and want a great deal, you should consider buying used! There are a ton of amazing benefits to buying a used vehicle, including some you might not be aware of. Continue reading below to see three of these great benefits!

1. Buying Used Saves You Money

This is a rather obvious benefit but buying a used vehicle will save you a ton of money in the long run. On average a used vehicle will cost about 50% less than a new vehicle, which means you’ll pay it off faster as well as save yourself money overall with a smaller loan and lower fees.

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2. Depreciation has Already Occurred

Another great financial benefit that a used vehicle offers you is that it has already suffered the depreciation that a new vehicle has. A new vehicle will typically lose about 10 percent of its value the moment it’s bought and moved off the lot. Then, over the course of a year, it’ll lose another 20 percent or so. This is a lot of value lost in just a year’s time, and it can lead to you paying a loan of nearly $30,000 for a vehicle that’s only worth $20,000. A used vehicle has already suffered this depreciation.

3. More Warranty Options for You

Another benefit is that you might have more warranty options, assuming the vehicle is new enough. It might have the original warranty still on it and an available extended warranty from the manufacturer or the dealership. This means you’ll have more coverage options available and less money spent!

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