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3 Great Winter Activities in the South Burlington VT Area!

3 End-of-Winter Activities in South Burlington VT

Winter is coming to an end and as such it might seem like there’s nothing to do with the snow melting and ice thawing, but there definitely still is! There are a ton of great winter activities that are still possible, even in post-winter, pre-spring, weather, especially in the South Burlington, VT area. Continue reading to learn more about these winter activities and what you can do!

Go Camping

You read that right! You can still go camping when there’s snow on the ground and it can be a great and memorable experience if you have the right gear! You won’t have to fight for the best campsites as there won’t be too many people going out to camp, there will be little to no bugs in-out, and you get to enjoy clear winter sky views! Not only that, but smores and hot campfire foods are perfect in slightly chilly weather – just make sure you have the right gear while camping, however!

Fishing pole near ice hole

Girl running on snow

Take Pictures

Winter has a ton of great scenery for you to enjoy, especially as the snow starts to melt and the ice begins to thaw. You should bring your camera to the woods and take pictures of the post-winter, near-spring, scenery! It’s a great idea for those that enjoy photography and want to take some great pictures!

Ice Skating

Finally, we recommend hitting the ice rink while the weather is still great for it! We don’t recommend ponds and lakes, for obvious reasons, but if you enjoy skating it’s a great idea to head to an ice rink while it’s still cold! You can find your own skates online for a good price or at your local sporting goods store!

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These are just three great winter activities that you can enjoy in the South Burlington, VT area! If you want to learn more about winter in the South Burlington, VT area and what you can do, or want to have your vehicle serviced for post-winter weather, contact our dealership today!