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A photo illustration of a lone car driving at night with it headlights turned on

Headlights help you see and be seen by other cars on the road

When do I have to have my headlights turned on in Vermont?

Anyone familiar with the Heritage Toyota Blog may have noticed we offer a lot of tips about safer driving practices as a part of a larger Heritage Toyota safety campaign. Many of these tips and pieces of information are meant to serve as a reminder to all of us on the road. Over time all of develop bad habits and need to be reminded how to be safer behind the wheel. There is no doubt that you’ve noticed that the sun starts to set very early this time of year. It has occurred to us that this would be a good time to remind people about when they need to have their headlights turned on in Vermont as well as some other driving etiquette tips that may be useful. Read the rest of this entry >>

New IIHS passengers side crash tests

IIHS debuts new crash test, 2018 Camry passes with top score

New IIHS passengers side crash tests

Heritage Toyota is undertaking a safety campaign to better inform our community how they can get the most out of their vehicles, especially if the worst happens. Vehicle safety is a top priority with our manufacturing partner, Toyota. This is already more than just lip service based on how every 2018 Toyota vehicle that has already arrived at the dealership hosts one of two versions of Toyota Safety Sense. Independently, Heritage Toyota has built a special web page to hold several different kinds of safety information. Today, we are taking that commitment to a new place by introducing some new vehicle crash testing procedures introduced by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Read the rest of this entry >>

Man stuck on the side of the road and calling for help. Heritage toyota winter driving tips

Winter is coming. It’s time to start thinking about how to be a safer driver

Heritage Toyota winter driving lessons

There is nothing quite like the quiet that follows a fresh snowfall. However, that peace can be quickly interrupted by having to drive through said snow. Driving in the winter presents a set of unique challenges which require rapt attention. Heritage Toyota wants to help people be better drivers as well as safer behind the wheel. Our sales team has gone around the dealership and asked for everyone’s best winter driver tips as well as finding some useful videos that people can watch whenever they would like. In the course of their research, a few points became very clear and we’d like to share them with you. Read the rest of this entry >>

What do I do after a car accident

If you get in a crash, be sure to have a plan of what to do next

What do I do after a car accident?

Toyota’s reputation for building some of the safest cars, trucks and SUVs available right now is unimpeachable. Heritage Toyota has launched a safety campaign, including a centralized web page for related information, to ensure our customers, friends and family members remain as safe as possible on the road. Being involved in a crash, no matter how minor, can be one of the most frightening and frustrating experiences a driver or passenger can have. There are a few things people need to do immediately following an accident. Heritage Toyota put together this easy list of things you need to do after a car accident to aid buyers. Read the rest of this entry >>

Autumn driving brings new challenges to the forefront

Safety tips for fall driving in Vermont

The number of people in our area that don’t count fall as their favorite season is probably pretty low. We are treated to a naturally-occurring explosion of color. However, as the seasons change, the incoming time of year brings forward a new set of driving challenges. Heritage Toyota is currently undertaking a major safety campaign to make sure people stay safe on the road and understand all of the new ways their vehicles help protect them. Our sales experts did some digging to come up with these safety tips for fall driving in Vermont. As beautiful as this time of year is, it does present some unique challenges. It helps to get a refresher from time to time. Read the rest of this entry >>

How to use the Toyota Low-Speed Collision System in the Yaris iA

How to use the Toyota Low-Speed Collision System in the Yaris iA

Toyota is a leader when it comes to new tech and safety features. Going forward, though, these two will often crossover! One of our favorite new Toyota features is the low-speed collision system, which you can find standard on a number of Toyota vehicles. Want to learn how to use the Toyota Low-Speed Collision system? Take a look below for a quick demonstration!  Read the rest of this entry >>