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Everybody loves a good doggo! Nobody loves dealing with dog hair

Monday, January 29th, 2018
A stock photo of a very cute dog being brushed

What is the best way to get dog hair out of my car?

Owning a dog is great. In fact, several studies have suggested that people who own dogs are healthier and live longer than people who don’t have dogs. However, dogs can really be tough on a vehicle’s upholstery if you have to try to pick up any hair that’s fallen off along the way. Finding the best way to get dog hair out of a car is something that all pet parents will need to learn at some point. AutoBlog has a series of videos to help people keep their cars and trucks as clean as possible. Their tips on removing dog hair could prove valuable for some Heritage Toyota customers. (more…)

Heritage Toyota gives customers a quick vocabulary lesson

Friday, January 12th, 2018
A stock photo showing a close up of a page in a dictionary

What are the most important automotive words I should know?

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to buying a car. Not only is it wise for buyers to gain an in-depth knowledge of the cars, trucks and crossover SUVs they want to buy, but they also need to be prepared to understand the industry’s vocabulary words. So, what are the most important automotive words you should know? If this is the first year someone is considering buying a new or if someone hasn’t been through the process for a while, Heritage Toyota believes that the happiest customers are the ones with the best possible information. Please call or stop by the showroom when the time is right for you to take home a new (or pre-owned) Toyota vehicle. (more…)

Why synthetic oil is the right choice for your Toyota

Thursday, December 28th, 2017
A stock photo of a hand pouring fresh motor oil into an engine

Should I use synthetic oil in my Toyota?

One of the most known facts about Toyota cars, trucks and crossover SUVs is that each one is among the most reliable in each respective class. There are obviously intricate aspects of engineering at play here, but Toyota goes further to make sure everything contributes to one of its vehicles staying on the road for as long as possible. Owners can help their own cause by following the factory’s maintenance recommendations, like advising people to use synthetic oil in Toyota vehicles – every single time. The experts in the Heritage Toyota Service Department are always here to help you out. (more…)

Avoid common mistakes when bringing your tree home for Christmas

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017
A stock photo of wooden toy car with a Christmas tree tied to it

How do you tie a Christmas tree to a car?

Here is the scene: It’s the beginning of December and Christmas is on everyone’s mind. The next logical step is to get the kids bundled up and head out to find the perfect tree. Let’s say that you found it and managed to cut it down. Now what? What’s the best way to tie a Christmas tree to a car? In all the excitement, you may have had a chance to square this particular circle in your mind. Don’t worry, Heritage Toyota is here to help. Our showroom is filled with all manner of automotive experts and we put together this handy guide to help you out. (more…)

Heritage Toyota helps you get the best deal possible on your trade-in

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017
A stock photo of two people exchanging money after completing a transaction

What hurts my car’s resale value?

Dealerships like Heritage Toyota do their level best to make sure that customers have the best possible ownership experience with any car, truck or SUV that rolls off of their lot. But there is one fact of automotive life that is inescapable – depreciation. The simple fact of the matter is that your vehicle will never be worth as much as it is the day you sign the paperwork. However, there is more than a little hope on the horizon. If you’ve been wondering about what is hurting your car’s resale value, Heritage Toyota is here to help. We promise we’ll give you the best deal possible for your trade-in. Here are a few things you can do to help your cause before you walk through the showroom door. (more…)

What to do if you lose the keys to a New Toyota

Monday, August 28th, 2017
What to do if you lose the keys to a New Toyota

It’s easy to misplace things, especially if they’re small like a set of car keys. For some of us, losing car keys is more of a “when” instead of “if.” However, part of the issue is that keys are no longer just a key – by which we mean that you’ll often have buttons to lock, unlock, and use other functions of your car on the key fob. Things get even more confusing when you think about keyless access and push-button start. So what are you supposed to do if you lose the keys to a new Toyota?  (more…)

How do you Jump Start the Toyota Prius?

Friday, August 4th, 2017
How do you Jump Start the Toyota Prius?

We all have to jump start a vehicle occasionally. Whether you’re the one receiving the jump or if you’re helping out a fellow motorist, it’s important to know how to do this. However, it can get confusing when you’re working with a hybrid vehicle, whether you’re the owner or not. Interested in learning how to jump start a hybrid like the Toyota Prius? Take a look below for our simple, step-by-step instructions!  (more…)

How to use the Toyota Low-Speed Collision System in the Yaris iA

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
How to use the Toyota Low-Speed Collision System in the Yaris iA

Toyota is a leader when it comes to new tech and safety features. Going forward, though, these two will often crossover! One of our favorite new Toyota features is the low-speed collision system, which you can find standard on a number of Toyota vehicles. Want to learn how to use the Toyota Low-Speed Collision system? Take a look below for a quick demonstration!  (more…)

How does the Foot-Activated Power Liftgate in the Toyota RAV4 work?

Thursday, May 11th, 2017
2018 Toyota RAV4 parked on the road.

The Toyota RAV4 comes packed full of features that are both fun and add a new level of convenience to your life. One such feature is the Foot-Activated Power Liftgate. This feature is exactly like it sounds — you can open the back hatch on your Toyota RAV4 using your feet! This is great for people who regularly have to load up the RAV4 with groceries or take the groceries back inside. (more…)

College Graduate rebates on new cars in Burlington VT

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017
College Graduate rebates on new cars in Burlington VT

If you’re attending or recently graduated from one of Vermont’s fine colleges — such as the University of Vermont, Champlain College, Saint Michael’s College or others — you might be looking for a new car to reliably get you to work. Thankfully, we think we can help! At Heritage Toyota, we offer a wide variety of discounts and deals — including a Toyota College Rebate! (more…)