Which color of 2018 Tacoma will you take home today?

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What are the color options for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma?

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is now available and ready to be taken home from the Heritage Toyota showroom. For the new model year, the automaker has made a few key improvements to the Tacoma platform with the Toyota’s innovative suite of active safety solutions leading the way. As important as the midsize truck’s safety profile is to buyers, the second most common question we get is, ‘What are the color options for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma?’ Almost regardless of what a potential buyer wants to do with the truck, they will have an exterior paint scheme to match their tastes and style. The 2018 Tacoma has 10 shades to choose from and most of them are available at Heritage Toyota.

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2018 Tacoma exterior paint choices

Barcelona Red Metallic

A front left quarter view of a Barcelona Red Metallic 2018 Tacoma

Blazing Blue Pearl

A front left quarter view of a Blazing Blue Pearl 2018 Tacoma

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Calvary Blue

A front left quarter view of a Calvary Blue versions of the 2018 Tacoma


A rear right quarter view of a Cement 2018 Tacoma


An Inferno colored 2018 Tacoma showing its right front corner

Magnetic Gray Metallic

A front right view of a Magnetic Gray Metallic version of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma

Midnight Black Metallic

A Metallic Black 2018 Tacoma showing its right rear quarter


A rear right quarter view of the 2018 Tacoma in a Quicksand paint color

Silver Sky Metallic

A front right quarter view of a Silver Sky Metallic 2018 Toyota Tacoma

Super White

A right rear quarter view of a Super White 2018 Toyota Tacoma for sale at Heritage Toyota

If you’d like to see for yourself what the available paint colors are for the 2018 Toyota Tacoma available at Heritage Toyota, make an appointment to see one of our sales professionals today

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