A stock photo of wooden toy car with a Christmas tree tied to it

Avoid common mistakes when bringing your tree home for Christmas

How do you tie a Christmas tree to a car?

Here is the scene: It’s the beginning of December and Christmas is on everyone’s mind. The next logical step is to get the kids bundled up and head out to find the perfect tree. Let’s say that you found it and managed to cut it down. Now what? What’s the best way to tie a Christmas tree to a car? In all the excitement, you may have had a chance to square this particular circle in your mind. Don’t worry, Heritage Toyota is here to help. Our showroom is filled with all manner of automotive experts and we put together this handy guide to help you out.

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Best way to get a Christmas tree home

Be prepared for anything — Make sure you have everything you might need to get your Christmas tree home. It can be unclear how well-stocked the place selling trees will be with the needed materials and if you’ll incur an additional charge. Here is what our experts recommend:

  • An old blanket to protect the roof of the vehicle
  • Nylon ratchet straps
  • A roll of twine or rope

Use the right vehicle — In a perfect world, you would have a pickup truck, SUV or van to bring the tree home. Failing that, make sure your vehicle has a roof rack to be used to tie the tree to the car. Several people mentioned that wrapping straps or rope through open windows and around door seals can cause damage.

Start in the right direction — When you’re placing the tree on the roof, make sure the base is pointed forward and the top is pointed toward the rear of the vehicle.

Gift wrap — If the place selling trees can easily wrap the tree in netting, definitely take them up on that offer. This will prevent unnecessary damage to the tree as well as protect the limbs while you drive home. Once the tree is tied down, be sure to give it a few pulls in several directions to make sure it’s as secure as possible.

Take it slow — Avoid highways and other high-speed driving when the tree is tied to the roof. With this much extra drag on the vehicle, severe damage is possible and nobody wants to have to retrieve an escaped tree from a busy interstate.

If a new Toyota vehicle would make picking up this year’s Christmas tree easier, stop by the Heritage Toyota showroom today and see what we have available.