How long do Toyota cars last?

How long do Toyota cars last?

Reliability is an important thing to consider when you’re picking out a new car. Thankfully, Toyota is easily one of the most reliable cars out there. In fact, people tend to stick with a Toyota for a long time after originally buying them. Are you wondering about just how long Toyota cars last? We’ve got some fun info from a study that you might find interesting!

Do Toyota cars last a long time?

The study we’re looking at was done by iSeeCars and it looks at the top 10 cars that owners have kept for at least 10 years. Unsurprisingly, Toyota shows up a few times on this list, including the number one spot! Toyota also ranked highest for the specific brand that owners kept for at least 10 years with 22.2 percent. Below we’ve listed the Toyota models that appeared on the top 10 list, along with the stats for them:

Rank Model Percent who own for 10+ years V.S. average ownership
1 Highlander Hybrid 32.1% 2.5X
2 Prius 32% 2.5X
3 Highlander 29% 2.2X
7 RAV4 24.9% 1.9X

The study also broke down the data to look at just the most popular models. The 2017 Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars in America and it took the top spot here with a 20.3% rating, which was 1.6 times more than the average (12.9 percent)

Why do Toyota owners keep the same car for so long?

So why exactly is it that Toyota owners hang onto the same ride for such a long time? Well, we suppose that most obvious answer is that they don’t have the need to replace it. When you take good care of your Toyota, it will usually last for a long time. If you have a car that still feels great to drive, gets competitive fuel efficiency, and more — then why would you want to replace it?

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