How to renew a Vermont driver's license

Have you checked if it’s time to get your new license?

How to renew a Vermont driver’s license

There is nothing that quite signals the first steps into adulthood like getting a driver’s license. Once a driver gets to the point where they go years between getting their license renewed, it can be pretty easy to forget what is needed to renew a license. Heritage Toyota is working to become a one-stop resource for everything regarding automobiles, including more details like how to renew a Vermont driver’s license. This handy guide can be viewed on any digital device including smartphones and tablets. That way when someone is searching for the needed documents, they will have all the information they need in one handy location.

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What documents do I need?

If you have not had to renew your Vermont driver’s license since Jan. 1, 2014, you will need to make that first renewal in person at a DMV office. This only needs to happen once and is a requirement of the federal REAL ID program, which also allows you to enter Canada and some other countries using your driver’s license instead of a passport. Here are the documents you may need:

  • The completed license renewal form that was mailed to your residence.
  • If you didn’t get one, fill out an application for license/permit form (VL-021).

Foreign guests and residents will need proof of lawful immigration status

  • Valid passport and current immigration documents
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security documents

Citizens will need proof of their Social Security Number

  • Social Security card
  • Recent W-2 form
  • Social Security Administration form 1099
  • Pay stub with Social Security number on it

Two ways to prove residency

  • Mail with your name and address
  • Electricity, cable or phone bill
  • Current lease agreement

Where are Vermont DMV offices located?

Before you go to the DMV office or a satellite location, call 802-828-2000 to verify the location you would like to visit offers the services you need.

4 Market Street
South Burlington

Addison County Courthouse
Hearing Room A
7 Mahady Court

27 Fisher Pond Road
Saint Albans

120 State Street

If you need a new Toyota vehicle or are looking for a pre-owned option, make an appointment with a Heritage Toyota sales professional today once you have your driver’s license squared away.