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What is Toyota’s Smart Key Feature?

How to Use Toyota’s Smart Key Feature

Automakers are all about making everything easier and more convenient in vehicles from active safety features, heated outside mirrors, and much more. Toyota offers an extensive lineup of available features that were designed to solve common problems of drivers and passengers in today’s world. There is no doubt that we are all about convenience and getting things done quickly and therefore Toyota offers their customers Smart Key which is designed to make unlocking and locking your Toyota vehicle quick and easy.  

Many models come equipped with Smart Key feature now, including many 2017 Toyota models. This feature allows you to unlock and lock your vehicle without even having to take your keys out of your pocket or purse. The advanced fob uses an evolving security code that is specific to your Toyota vehicle. The system will unlock any door including the trunk when the fob is on your person. Simply put your hand on the door handle and the system will unlock the door, it really is as simple as that. Toyota’s Smart Key feature allows drivers and passengers to save time locking and unlocking your vehicle and makes situations of loading up children or cargo easy with the ability to not have to have a free hand to reach for your key fob.

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Toyota Push Button Start Feature

Another feature that is designed around convenience and is simple to use is Toyota’s Push Button Start feature. Many customers who have never used a Push Button Start feature before may find it confusing at first but it is really quite simple to use. When in the driver’s seat, push the brake pedal of your Toyota vehicle and then push the engine start/stop button and the vehicle will turn on. It is the same process to shut off your vehicle, place the vehicle in park and push the button to turn off the vehicle.

Read more about Toyota’s convenience and safety features in our blog at Heritage Toyota. Interested in a 2017 Toyota model with Smart Key feature and Push Button Start? Contact us today to talk with a team member and schedule a test drive to come test out just how easy these features really are.