Autumn driving brings new challenges to the forefront

Safety tips for fall driving in Vermont

The number of people in our area that don’t count fall as their favorite season is probably pretty low. We are treated to a naturally-occurring explosion of color. However, as the seasons change, the incoming time of year brings forward a new set of driving challenges. Heritage Toyota is currently undertaking a major safety campaign to make sure people stay safe on the road and understand all of the new ways their vehicles help protect them. Our sales experts did some digging to come up with these safety tips for fall driving in Vermont. As beautiful as this time of year is, it does present some unique challenges. It helps to get a refresher from time to time.

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Leave those leaves alone — The downside to the explosion of color we experience every fall is that those leaves come off of the trees and cover everything. A combination of wet leaves and pavement can make the surface as slippery as ice. Experts advise doing your best to avoid hitting the brakes on wet leaves. Also, be sure to pay attention to road markers and stay in your lane if leaves are covering the surface.

A bridge too close — Temperatures can vary wildly throughout the course of a day. When the sun goes down and the mercury drops, it’s very common for ice to form on bridges and overpasses. Be sure to leave plenty of room between vehicles when traveling over these structures.

Oh, deer! — Fall is the time of year when normally timid deer are running wild. Sunrise and sunset are the two most common times for deer to be moving around. Keep an eye out along the sides of the roads, especially at these times. Remember, if you see one there is always more nearby.

Watch out for animals on the road during fall driving

If you haven’t had your vehicle in for service for a while, this is a great time of year to have one of our experts look everything over. You can schedule an appointment with the Heritage Toyota Service Department right from our website.