What Color Options are on the 2020 Toyota Sienna?

What Exterior Paint Options are on the 2020 Toyota Sienna?

If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers a ton of amazing features and technologies, as well as a ton of great personalization options, look no further than the 2020 Toyota Sienna! This amazing van delivers a ton of great customization options for you to enjoy, especially in terms of its paint options. What color options does it offer exactly? Continue reading to find out!

2020 Toyota Sienna Color Options:

2020 Toyota Sienna Super White

2020 Toyota Sienna Blizzard Pearl

2020 Toyota Sienna Celestial Silver Metallic

2020 Toyota Sienna Predawn Gray Mica

2020 Toyota Sienna Parisian Night Pearl

2020 Toyota Sienna Midnight Black Metallic

2020 Toyota Sienna Alumina Jade Metallic

2020 Toyota Sienna Toasted Walnut Pearl

2020 Toyota Sienna Salsa Red Pearl

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As you can see the new 2020 Toyota Sienna has a ton of amazing color options for you to enjoy! These color options, when combined with the many features that the Toyota model offers, make it an excellent model for those that want great personalization options! To learn more about this great model and its features, or to take it for a test drive, contact our dealership today!