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Heritage Toyota helps you get the best deal possible on your trade-in

What hurts my car’s resale value?

Dealerships like Heritage Toyota do their level best to make sure that customers have the best possible ownership experience with any car, truck or SUV that rolls off of their lot. But there is one fact of automotive life that is inescapable – depreciation. The simple fact of the matter is that your vehicle will never be worth as much as it is the day you sign the paperwork. However, there is more than a little hope on the horizon. If you’ve been wondering about what is hurting your car’s resale value, Heritage Toyota is here to help. We promise we’ll give you the best deal possible for your trade-in. Here are a few things you can do to help your cause before you walk through the showroom door.

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How can I get the most money for my trade-in?

Keep the shine on that apple – It is almost impossible to keep a vehicle in 100 percent showroom-like condition. However, keeping up with repairs and maintenance will go a long way toward keeping as much value in your vehicle as possible.

Take a break – One of the most common issues that will negatively affect your vehicle’s trade-in value will be excessively high mileage. This will come into play if you are planning on selling your car on the private market, but having an odometer that has turned over many times won’t help you at the dealership either.

Timing is everything – Keeping your eye on the current marketplace will also help you get the most money possible for your car. Trying to unload a convertible in the winter or a hugely powerful truck with questionable fuel economy scores during a spike in gas prices will make your goal of retaining resale value all the more difficult.

What should I do before I come to the showroom?

Before you leave the house to head to the dealership to negotiate your trade-in, make sure you are fully prepared to avoid any unnecessary problems.

  • Collect all of your maintenance records. By showing people that you’ve properly maintained the car, truck or SUV you could have more room to make a deal.
  • If you have made any modifications to the vehicle, make sure you have decided what you want to keep and what you want to let go. Be sure you have all ancillary accessories like remotes and key fobs.
  • Make sure you have all the related financial information from the bank or credit union as well as the title.

If you have any questions about how much your vehicle is worth, you can use the trade-in calculator on our website. For more information, contact a Heritage Toyota sales professional today.