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What is Apple CarPlay and how do I set it up?

Apple CarPlay Infotainment and Entertainment

Apple CarPlay is a system that is found on many Toyota vehicles, ranging from cars, trucks, and crossovers alike! This system is often paired with the amazing Toyota Entune™ 3.0 infotainment system, which was first debuted in the 2018 models of Toyota. However, those looking for a vehicle that features these amazing infotainment systems may not be sure about how they work! Continue reading to learn just how Apple CarPlay operates and how to set it up!

How Does Apple CarPlay Work?

The new exceptional Apple CarPlay system is paired with Toyota’s Entune™ 3.0 feature, which is found on many great Toyota vehicles! With these systems, you’ll have access to great infotainment and entertainment features to enjoy! With the new Apple CarPlay, for instance, you’ll get access to Apple’s many applications and systems, all available through the touchscreen system of the vehicle. Vehicles featuring this system include Toyota Avalon and Toyota Corolla!

Some of the features found in Apple CarPlay include access to text-messaging, music, phone calls, Apple Maps, and more! Additionally, they also feature systems like Pandora, Spotify, and more, for the best possible entertainment.

2019 Toyota Avalon dash and wheel
2019 Toyota RAV4 dash and steering wheel.

How do you Install Apple CarPlay

In order to install Apple CarPlay, you need to follow several simple steps, allowing you access to many features easily! These steps include:

  • Enable Siri and Apple CarPlay in your smartphone’s setting menu.
  • Enable Apple CarPlay in your Toyota by pressing Menu – General – Apple CarPlay – On.
  • Using an Apple Lightning cable, connect your smartphone to your Toyota model.

A prompt will appear on your phone with selections to enable, with many options included. This includes once, always, or do not enable.

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Apple CarPlay is an exceptional infotainment and entertainment system, which gives you amazing connectivity for you to enjoy! Contact us at Heritage Toyota today to learn more about this system and what vehicles offer it!