2018 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2018 Honda Ridgeline

A pretty strong case could be made for 2018 being the year the mid-size pickup truck class has reached a new peak. There are several strong options on the market, but the Toyota Tacoma still offers more than a few reasons for owners to make it their first choice. Comparing the 2018 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2018 Honda Ridgeline produces a few clear conclusions in very short order. First, there is no replacing the rugged body-on-frame construction of the 2018 Tacoma. The midsize Toyota pickup offers more hauling and towing capacity than the current Ridgeline thanks to how it's built. Honda has chosen to use a vehicle architecture that is similar to how crossover SUVs are made, which has some points in its favor, but not where capability is concerned.

For the new model year, Toyota has added its cutting-edge suite of safety features to the new Tacoma platform. This means that sensors to let drivers know they are drifting from their lane or may be in danger of hitting a pedestrian are standard equipment on every available trim grade. Additionally, the 2018 Tacoma has more than 30 different trim grade, drivetrain/powertrain and cabin combinations to choose from. Heritage Toyota customers will be able to choose the exact level of capability they need to meet their needs. Honda Ridgeline buyers have several trims to choose from, but the body style and powertrain choices are severely limited by comparison. Finally, the 2018 Toyota Tacoma can be outfitted with several professional-grade components.

2018 Toyota Tacoma 2018 Honda Ridgeline
3.5-liter, V-6 Engine 3.5-liter, V-6
278/265 Horsepower/Torque 280/262
Six-speed automatic Transmission Six-speed automatic
6,800 lbs. Towing 5,000 lbs.

Performance specs: 2018 Tacoma vs. 2018 Ridgeline

Another reason truck buyers may want to consider the 2018 Toyota Tacoma over the 2018 Honda Ridgeline would be the available engine choices. Heritage Toyota customers considering the 2018 Tacoma can have either a 2.7-liter, four-cylinder engine or a 3.5-liter, V-6. The four-cylinder option offers great fuel economy scores and the V-6 makes lots of power and can be equipped with everything it needs to maximize towing capacity. A Honda Ridgeline owner may tout the slim horsepower advantage offered by its V-6 engine, but that minuscule lead evaporates quickly when the more than half-ton of additional towing capacity attributed to the new Tacoma is revealed.

A photo of two people standing in the desert around a 2018 Toyota Tacoma and some ATVs
A photo of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma pulling an ATV in a trailer over a desert trail

A view from the driver's side of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma showing a special interior material and the center console.
A photo of the dashboard, steering wheel and center gauge cluster of the 2018 Tacoma

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