In May of 2017, Heritage Toyota documented the full day safety fair at Mount Abraham Union High School.  In meeting parents, school administrators, first responder personnel, and state safety experts, we began to realize we could help foster a conversation about safety in our communities.  With 47 fatalities on Vermont roads this year--the highest since 2012--it is imperative that we do our part to keep all Vermonters safe on the roads.

For many, knowledge of road safety starts in high school.  During the full day safety fair at Mt. Abe, students witnessed a mock crash scene, attended workshops and lectures, visited safety vendors as well as other activities.  Providing our children with the appropriate tools to keep safe is an investment that an entire community can make.  That’s why at Heritage Toyota, we are proud to offer financial grants to any organization who offers a full day safety fair in the 2017-2018 school year.  We’d like to see every student have access to the best information on how to keep themselves and their friends and families safe.

In this video, many of the people who gathered at the Mt. Abe Safety Fair, give their opinion on why teaching teens how to be safe is so important. And how it takes many different parts of the community—teachers, police, EMTs, state experts, local businesses and more—coming together to make the best impact on the student.

Mt. Abe Safety Fair Documentary


Our hope is that through our grant program, schools and other organizations will have the freedom and support to offer a day completely focused on how to help students live safe lives. With resources and planning guides also available through state related agencies, like the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance and the Youth Safety Council of Vermont, organizations have all the support needed to offer an effective and impactful program focused on safety.

Whether the safety discussion focuses on texting and distracted driving, alcohol and impaired driving, being knowledgeable about how to properly use all the safety features available in today’s cars, or many other important topics, our main goal is that the conversation does happen. When all of the community comes together to support healthier choices, only good things can happen.

If you or someone you know would like more information about offering a safety fair at a school or youth organization, fill out the grant request form to get the ball rolling. Our aim is to support every Vermont community with resources to keep our teens and our roads safe.