Congratulations on owning one of the best compact SUVs on the market – the Toyota RAV4!

Our used Toyota RAV4 inventory is getting low and we’d like to buy your used Toyota RAV4 to build up our inventory for the upcoming “Vermont winter” (if it ever gets here that is…). There are many new features of the 2016 Toyota RAV4s that the previous models didn’t offer – a HYBRID trim level, LED lighting system, and a fresh new exterior design.

If you remember your salesperson, please get in contact with them to discuss how we can get you out of your older model Toyota RAV4 and into a brand new model! OR – fill out the form to the right and our internet sales team will get you in touch with a salesperson to discuss your options!

Thinking about upgrading to a different Toyota model and not the RAV4? We still want to buy your RAV4! Contact the H-Team today!


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